June 18, 2021

4.4 Latest Research on the Peopling of North America: Human Presence, Expansion, and Settlement in Florida over Four Millennia

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Dr. Michael Faught, Vice President, Treasurer, Archaeological Research Cooperative
Courtesy Appointments, University of Arizona and University of Florida 

Senior Advisor SEARCH Inc.




Dr. Charlotte D. Pevny, Project Manager, SEARCH Inc.




Michael K. Faught & Charlotte Donald Pevny 2019. 'Pre-Clovis to the Early Archaic: Human Presence, Expansion, and Settlement in Florida over Four Millennia', PALEOAMERICA 5(1) 73-87.

In this article, we review evidence for the initial presence, later expansion, and subsequent settling in of first Floridians during times when climate change and sea level rise decreased the amount of habitable land. We present projectile-point and formal-tool sequences and estimated chronologies that describe Florida’s: (1) pre-Clovis presence (exploration); (2) Clovis presence focused on river channels, springs, chert resources, and possibly megafauna (colonization); (3) continuation and proliferation of Clovis-related, but post-megafauna late Paleoindian lanceolate point makers that
remained focused on river channels, springs, and chert (expansion); (4) transition to side- and corner-notched points and a plethora of formal tools, along with significant population increase and landscape use occurring away from waterways (settlement); and (5) possible population decline or abandonment, or both, by 10,000 calendar years ago or soon thereafter.


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